As part of our image-building process, we have Windows and Client32
setup tologin automatically as a special-purpose user account, e.g.

When InstallStudentApps logs into eDirectory and NAL does its thing, it
runs a chained application. I am looking to convert most of the
dependent apps to MSI format so I can do healing, etc.

I want the apps to be installed initially using the InstallStudentApps

However, I would like the NAL apps to be setup so that when StudentA
uses the machine, he will be able to use the Uninstall and Verify options.

I also found this in C1's Help for the MSI tab | Verify:

Use the Re-Cache Source to Install Package
Instructs Windows Installer to install files from the re-cache (local)
source rather than the source package.

I have some ideas on how to get some of those things working, but I
could use some help.

Somewhere in there I'll probably need to Force Cache and make
Disconnectable the app. But how do I do that for an app that is in a
chained application?

Would I check-off the "Use the Re-Cache Source to Install Package"
option in MSI | Verify?

Any help would be appreciated.


Jeremy Mlazovsky