Running ZENworks 6.5 SP1a on the back-end. Using C1 1.3.6d copied
locally from our server with the 6.5 SP1a snap-ins. Machine
experiencing the problem is running Client32 4.90 SP2 and patches and
ZENworks 6.5 SP1 agent Build

I have a NAL app set to Force Run for a user which has a number of
chained apps.

It works like this:

The app associated to the user is: "Build Standard Student Image"
It has a number of dependent apps:
"Standard Student Tweaks", "Install Standard Student Apps", "Standard
Student Cleanup", etc.

Each of these apps are in turn chained apps with their own dependent apps.

Everything has been working fine for a few months now.

But When I get to "Install Standard Student Apps" it gets crazy.

The first dependent app for "Install Standard Student Apps" is "SAV CE
(Automated Install)". It uses the new ZEN 6.5 SP1 File Distribution
option to copy an entire directory and its contents to the local hard drive.

It then runs the installer file from the local hard drive. This is fine.

However, yesterday I decided to set the SAV CE installer app to "Always
Reboot" and "Don't Prompt" for reboot. Ever since I did that, when it
gets to the point in the application chain where it starts to run the
SAV CE ZEN app, it looks like it copies the files and then it
immediately skips the rest of the apps in the "Install Standard Student
Apps" and picks up at the start of the next chained app, "Standard
Student Cleanup".

If I go back to the SAV CE app and set it to not reboot or prompt for
reboot it installs the rest of the student apps including SAV CE.

Am I forgetting to set something in one of the apps?