Hi all,

we are trying to make a very new workstation setup using the following:

- Windows XP SP2
- Novell Client 4.91
- ZfD 6.5 Agent (w/o middle tier configured)

Most parts work very well:

- old Workstation object was removed from NDS, new clone is registered now
via ZWSREG, looks fine...remote control works as expected
Applications work fine if
- running normal, associated to user (didnt check ws for this one)
- running as secure system user, associated to workstations (used for
installs like virus scan software)

Application will give the error above if "Unsecure system user" is used:

- EXE should be called from a netware server (6.0SP4), tried to change
drive letter to UNC...no better result
- associated to dedicated workstation or user...no difference
- rights for the desired path are set to [public] and/or [root]
- same application works fine using ZfD3.2 clients

Any thoughts?
Thx in advance