I've gote huge problems with the current zfd65sp1 agent. I have randomly
got nalagent.exe - application errors. i have read tid10096677 but this
already thought of. I have installed sp1 on my servers and client, but i
stil have the same errors as described in tid10096677.

I have installed zfd65sp1a on a Netware 6.5sp2 2-node cluster, my clients
have a mix of windows 2000sp4 and windows xpsp2 installed. The netware
client is 4.90sp2 and 4.91, both have the same problems.

i've noticed some problems with starting a nal application, example i have
internet explorer wich is starting by a pre launch script a tool to
authenticate to Webmarshal, randomly this is making the nal not responding.

Can anyone help me with this.