Just wondering if other users are seeing these issues. These issues are
appearing after upgrading the backend to ZFD 6.5.1a and we are now piloting
the agent.

I had a Zen 4.0.1 MSI app that I modified with Zen 6.5.1 snapins. It seems
in Zen 6.5.1 you can modify the MSI path in the app object. This could not
be done in Zen 4.0.1. So I modified the MSI path, in C1 w/ 6.5.1 snapins,
but if you look at the app in C1 w/ 4.0.1 snapins the old path is there. Is
this stored in a different eDir attribute?

When uprading from the 4.0.1 agent to 6.5.1, it appears the 6.5.1 agent is
ignoring the OS setting in the apps that were created with 4.0.1 and have
not had their legacy settings imported/updated by the 6.5.1 snapins. Once I
import the settings, the inappropiate apps dissappear.

I really don't want to touch thousands of apps, this is really bad.