we are having problems on a few of our XPSP2 machines that are running zen
6.5sp1a where the nal desktop shortcut icons will become corrupt and turn
into a generic blank white icon and the title changes to shortcutname.nal
once this happens the shorctcuts will no longer work. the ones nal explorer
integration puts in the start menu still continue to work correctly.

re-installing the agent seems to fix the problem, but we can't keep going
round doing this to fix the problem.

I have checked dll versions in the nal icon about boxand they are all the
correct current ones.
i do have an incident open with Novell, but it is getting nowhere, I have
passed novell a vmware of a broken machine, which they have re-installed the
agent on, which fixes the problem (I knew that already), they compared the
registry and files of the repaired vmware machine with the broken one, and
they say they are identical!
We don't know what triggers this, it is happening at random on a small
percentage of our machines.

Does anyone know the how the actual icon/.nal shortcut integration works in
normal behaviour with explorer, because if someone could tell us that, then
I might be able to work out what is wrong.

Update (taken from an incorrect posting in another thread): -

Today the problem occurred on a machine I
was using, and all I did was drag an icon from the application explorer
to my desktop, I then went to delete that icon and suddenly all my desktop
nal icons turned to blank whitesquare icons showing the shortcutname.nal

The same steps have caused it on some other machines, but not all of them
and I can't do it on demand! in one case just opening the nal explorer
window corrupted the icons.

Nathan Lock