I am working with an MSI app. After the app install I want to copy a file
from a novell server to the local pc. I created a batch file to do this.
The batch file works great by itself or if called through a zen app.

So I tried calling the batch file as a post distribution script on the MSI
install zen app object. The app installs, then I see "running post
install scripts" flash on the screen but it never runs the batch file to
copy the file. I found a Q&A on Cool Solutions - 4493 - that says dist
scripts run as the system user so network drives aren't available.

So then I tried playing with the application dependencies. If app B (file
copy) depends on A (MSI install) then if I try to run app B, it should run
A first, then run B. (I think). When I run B, A installs, but B (copy)
still never runs.

Anyone have any ideas on the easiest way to get my batch file to run after
the MSI install?

Thanks for any ideas.