I have an app that calls an executable and it works in every way, shape, and
form... except when I specify "Reboot Always." When the app is set to force
reboot, it reboots almost instantaneously upon clicking on the Icon in NAL
(or after being force run). If I have it set to "prompt for reboot," the
prompt comes up immediately, and the install does not complete.

Someone suggested that this was happening because the initial .exe is a
wrapper. This may be true, but I would expect that the app would fail at
the point the initial executable finishes and hands off to the "wrapped"
executable. This is not the case. The initial .exe does not appear to run.

The app is set to:
-- run once,
-- NOT set to "distribute always"

Zen version 6.5SP1; Console 1 ver.1.36d

Thanks for any inights.