I'm getting an error and I wonder if anyone else has gotten it before and
knows what to do. I created an administrative install point for Office 2000.
I downloaded all the patches that they had available and slipstreamed them
into the admin install site. When I install the application using a local
administrator account, it works fine, if I install with an account that only
has user rights, I get a message that says 'Microsoft Development
Environment, Unexpected critical error: can't start program'. If you click
ok, it completes setup correctly. I looked this up on Microsoft's site and
found the following kb article (http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=230905)
which said to use a transform and remove a piece from what is installed. I
opened the transform that I have associated with this application in C1, and
made the modification and saved it, but I still the error when I install. Am
I doing something wrong, I assume it is using the MST correctly with C1 (I
don't have to re-associate the MST do I...). Does anyone have any hints on
what could possibly be the issue and how to resolve it?


Brian W.