I am distributing WinXP SP2 to all desktops with SP1. Almost all desktops
are able to run w/o looping. I encounter a few desktops still having
Zenworks version 4.X that keeps looping even after they have applied
successfully. But I am able to resolve it by removing and installing the
Zenworks version 6.5 and letting it run once only.

I have this Desktop still looping even though the Zenworks agent is
already 6.5. I am able to stop it from looping even thosgh I have removed
and installed the agent again.

The server is still running 6.5 w/o the SP1 applied. The application is
manually configured to force run after a period given to user to apply
manually at their own time. I have used the availablility rules so that
it will not apply to any desktop with winXP SP2 but this desktop still
loops even though it is SP2.

Any one has any idea to resolve it or stop it from running? Thanks.