Right now we aren't using zen to it's full potential for apps. I have
apps in application explorer, you can double click to install. ZFD 6.5
SP1Acopy or c

I'm playing with having the icons show up on the start menu under a zen
folder, and I'm running into 2 issues.

The first is that I can't copy any of those icons to the desktop to make
shortcuts.. Usually you just drag with the right mouse button and copy
or create shortcut.

The second is not a problem with operation so much as implimentation.

If I create 3 icons, one for word, excel, powerpoint. I point them at
the local executable, but make them dependent on the installer
application, it will install the application if it's not installed, and
update it if I bump the guid. That's great. What I'm trying to figure
out a good way to do however is this.

Suppose I go and click word. I'd also like it to add the applications
excel and powerpoint. All 3 applications (which are just icons) link
back to the main installed application. I have removed all of the
shortcuts from the application install so that only my zen icons appear,
this way a user can right click on the icon and verify, and if I apply a
patch to the main app, they will get it when they next run it.

Can I make word also dependent on excel and powerpoint and then excel
dependant on word and powerpoint, and powerpoint dependent on word and
excel? I would think I'd be creating circular logic there and a loop.
I don't it to launch the other apps because then running one would
cause the other two to run and that's annoying. I just want them installed.

Is there a good way to handle this scenario? I can see it with a lot of