Verbose Logging Nal Explorer

My Tree is setup like this





--All Workstations

--All Apps

Users are placed into context where they are mostly likely to login from.
All workstation no matter what building are in one context. Since
Application are often shared between buildings I placed them all into one
Context. That way I didn't have to create aliases fro each item.

The issue is Nal (Window or Explorer) takes awhile to load up and/or
refresh. I'm wondering if there is some way I can get NAL to log everything
it does during refresh?

Applications are assigned to both users and workstations (depending on the
app). I think I have some tree walking going on but Can't not figure out
why. Each container has a Container policy and are selected "use as top of
configuration tree"

WinXP Pro Sp2

NetWare 6.5 Sp2

ZenWorks 6.5 sp1