I have used the %MESSAGE SERVER% variable in my Application Objects for
years now. It basically inserts whatever server is entered in
the "default server" field on the "environment" tab of the user object in
NDS. In versions previous to Zfd4 IR5, I have had no issues using this
variable in application objects ran as "unsecure system user". In Zfd4
IR5 and Zfd 6.5 I can no longer use this variable for application objects
ran with "unsecure system user" set. The variable now only works when
the application is set as a "normal" user. This variable is very
important to the way we use ZENworks. It allow us to point application
objects to the users server at their location. I do not have to create a
different application for every server/location. Does someone have
another way to accomplish what I am doing using this veriable?