I am testing deployment of the Patchlink 6 agent using Zenworks 6.5 agent
that is attached to xtier in a pure windows xp 2003 environment. I have
been getting a MSI error code 1603 error on computers where the local user
does not have administrator rights. I set some of the machines to verbose
MSI logging, and the log file reveals that the install is not able to write
to C:\Program Files\Common Files, which it does in order to install the
InstallShield Script Engine. I even installed the isscript9.msi so that it
would not have to install the engine, but it still failes with the same
error. This happens regardless of whether the app is set to run normally,
or as secure or unsecure system user. Can someone shed some light on why
thi s may be? All other MSI's I have tried work just fine, just not this one!