I need to somehow push down the following to my users workstations:
1.) Internet Connections setting (so as to remove the internet connection
wizard - LAN connection with everything deselect including autodetect
2.) Change the My Documents folder to point to F:\My Documents
3.) Set the default protocol for FileMaker Pro to TCP/IP and to remove
welcome banner.

I tried using the snAppShot wizard but it did not seem to work. I am
currently running Zenworks 4 with the latest service pack and using user
extensible policies. At some point in the near future I will be upgrading
to Zenworks 6.5 and moving over to windows Group Policies so I can
restrict access on our Windows XP machines. Would I need to upgrade the
Zen agent before upgrading to 6.5, or can I roll out the agent at my own
pace after the upgrade?