Hello All,

I'm new to Zenworks and have a question.

I cannot seem to install an app package that resides on an nt 2003 file
system. Getting a D018 error.(Already searched the tids and have not found
a resolution).

We have 2 netware 6.5sp2 servers. Are Zenworks is 6.5sp1 and lives in the
novell environment. Edir also lives in the novell environment and is not
going to be syncd with Ad. All packaged apps must reside on our
nt 2003 file servers.

All apps are going to installed to the workstation object.

The app directory share on the windows file server has share permissions
set to full with ntfs full for everyone and anonymous.

***I cannot use the netware servers to act as the apps share.***

Is it possible to have apps situated on an nt 2003 file server and have
them install to workstations.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.