Zen 6.5 (no sp) installed on Netware 6.5 sp2, slightly mixed versions of
eDirectory (8.7.3,,, 85.30 (and 6.21 on NW 4.11 sp9 servers))

We have a number of workstations (Win2k and WinXP) which have the Novell
Client (4.83.x and 4.90.x) and Zen Agent ( configured to log in
workstation only - no NDS tab in the Login dialog box.

The workstations are registered and imported into the correct location in
the tree.

We have 2 applications to roll out to these workstations: first is
uninstall a database client then reboot, second is install new version of
database client.

The install is a simple Zen application pointing to the local copy of
MSIExec with the "\\server\path\install.MSI" as a parameter. MSI file is
stored in a subdirectory of SYS:Public on the server the workstations will
connect to by default. The Application has file rights assigned in the
Common tab (RF to \\server\sys\Public)and the Workstations container also
has file system rights assigned (RF on \\server\Sys\Public).

With Nal associations both apps appear in the NAL window on the workstations.

With Force Run the uninstall works and reboots.

With Force Run the install starts but results in an MSIExec error (1602)
because it cannot find the MSI file to run.

Is what we are trying possible? If it is what have we missed?