I created several objects (ex: Office 2000 Disk 1 and 2, Groupwise, an
object just to create a shortcut to an exe and placed on their desktop)
and I am unable to deploy these to the workstations. I force run and the
objects never run, so I apply to the desktops and at least the object
shows up, but does nothing. Sometimes the apps fail with no log files,
otherwise, I might receive errors on shortcuts, etc.

Most of our apps must be applied to the workstations because of licensing
and the fact that many people move around and the app if applied to a user
gets distributed to many different machines and never cleans itself up.

So I created a shortcut to groupwise exe. See below. It does nothing when
distributed to a workstation, but works if I assign to a user. What is
going on and is this why some of the objects above work only applied to

Shortcut Name: Groupwise
Shortcut Location: %*UserProfile%\Desktop
Target File: c:\novell\groupwise\grpwise.exe
Start In: C:\Novell\GroupWise
Icon Filename: C:\Novell\GroupWise\GrpWise.exe

Fails for workstation and works for user. Which brings me to my next
question. How is this object determining username?

Thanks in advance.