Hi all,

We are working on a fresh image, which includes:

Windows XP sp2 inc all other updates,
Novell Client 4.91 inc patch files,
Microsoft Office XPSP3,
GroupWise 6.5 sp4 agent/client,
Zenworks sp1b agent/client.

Problem is: see attached picture

All this problems are starting when we install Microsoft Office, if I
disable contextless login then this problem is
not happening, after doing some troubleshooting I have seen that when I try
to delete nalcache I can not
and that because one or more of the str files are locked, if I end task NAL
then after I start it manually I can use
Launcher again, but as soon as I start MS word or any other ms office
application it gets stuck, and NAL freezes
and then I get error switch to/retry/cancel.

Any help would be appreciated,