Hi All,

We are in the middle of rolling out Zenworks 6.5. When we were installing
the agents up to now, we did not check the checkbox's that asked if we
wanted the Application Explorer and Application Launcher to run and
startup. Since I have realised that we need them. I have selected the
option under Zenworks - Launcher Configuration - Auto Start Application
Launcher = Yes. Is this ok, as it is not starting the Application
launcher at startup still

When I manually select the application launcher on a workstation, and try
and double click on one of the applications I am deploying, I get the
following error message "In order to use this program you must have
Administrative rights on the workstation"

Is this because we did not check the checkbox for the application launcher
during installation, or do users who are getting applications deployed to
them, need to be local administrators ?

Any help is greatly appreciated