I have make a nal object that update antivirus (McAfee) software
without supervision. The object run this way :stop the service in the
distribution script (run before), copy dats files in the applications
files and restart the service in the distribution script (run after).
Sometime, when a workstation start, the service stop, the dats files are
copied but the service don't start and i found that the workstation start
too quickly and the service can't start because the start service is
lunched by the Mcafee software at the same time. I want to know if that
possible to set the nal or the script (with command) to wait a few more
seconde before starting.

I know that exist a switch for nal when que package is associate to
user but we want to keep package associate to worksation.

System: Zenworks for desktop Version, Zen client 4.01a
Workstation are XP

Thanks for the help.