Hi ZEN-People!

I have made a lot of tests,have read all the threats and made tests again
and again and these are the findings:

Turning off hyperthreading on workstations that have the
hyperthreading-Option is the solution only for these workstations.
BUT: The error appeares also at older wks without any hyperthreading-option!
Enabeling NAL-Debugging (TID10095083) ist not a solution.
It does also not seem to be a case of XP-SP2 or not SP2.

If I launch the same applications with simple users rights (not as a secure
or unsecure systemuser) and then logging in as a user with local
administrator rights of course, the error does never appear !!!

Here are the specifications:

Error:" Application Launcher NT Service was not found to run the
application as system user."
- when launching applications, that start a for example a setup.exe or
using a command like "c:\windows\system32\cacls.exe"
- the error appears in 50% of all cases

My environment:
- agent version is
- also tested the new beta-version that i found at filefinder-website
(zdm65sp1rm.exe includes it) did not solve the Problem
- client version is
- OS: Windows XP with SP2 (also tested with SP1)

Jens Hochberg