I'm having trouble with roaming profiles and dynamic local users. When I
originally enabled DLU, I configured ZENworks to create the local user
based on the eDirectory user information. Unfortunately, a lot of our
usernames are longer than 20 characters, which is the limit for
WindowsXP. ZENworks does not create a local user in this case. (I sure
wish it displayed an error message though).

Anyway, due to the 20 character limit, I changed the DLU policy to
always create a user called "default". Like most networks with windows
workstations, sometimes the profile does not unload properly when a user
logs off. Usually when the same user logs in at a later time, the
profile path is modified somehow (ie ".000" is appended) so that the old
directory is not used. However, ZENworks is reusing the same directory
(c:\Documents and Settings\default) __even if another user logs in__.
Because the old profile was not unloaded properly, the new user has
access to all of the files in the previous user's profile and is still
using their registry hive. How do I prevent this problem from occurring?

ZENworks 6.5 sp1b
NetWare 6.5 sp3 on ZENworks server, sp2 on file servers
Windows XP Professional sp2 workstations

-- Daniel Kruszyna
--- South Lake Schools