I'm trying to roll out Symantec Antivirus via the MSI application.

The documentation explains how to install silently but I'm having trouble finding where to put the command line switch "/qn"

Since this is an MSI application object, the "Path to file" is greyed out under "Run Options".

The documentation gives the example:

msiexec/i "Symantec AntiVirus.msi" /qn

for command line installation. However since I'm using ZEN/NAL do I assume that the 'msiexec /i' is implied?

The application _does_ run but since the object was created automatically with "Install Only (no executable needed)" I thought it might be best to leave it alone.

I have added the "MSI Properties" successfully, however I can't get it to install silently.

Do I go ahed and click "Path to file" under "Run Options" and then specify the path to the _msi_ file itself and specify '/qn' in "parameters"?

I don't want to add extra complexity so if I should keep "Install only (no executable needed)" please let me know.