I am just starting to experiment with application dependencies (never had
a need before I guess). I have a couple of quick questions that I'm
hoping someone here can answer. The scenario is this: I have an
application (app-1) that requires .NET Framework 1.1 to function. Some of
our desktops have it installed, some don't. I have created an application
(app-2) to install .NET on the computers that don't already have it. I
have added app-2 to the dependency list of app-1 (so in theory, by
assigning users to app-1 they will automatically install app-2 first).

1. Do I need to assign users to both apps, or only to app-1?

2. If the computer doesn't need app-2 (say, it already had .NET installed
manually) will it proceed automatically to app-1, or will it stop because
app-2 didn't install successfully?

Hopefully this didn't come out too cryptic (I typed it up quickly on the
way out for the day)...

Thanks in advance,