I apologize for the cross-posting, but I wasn't sure if this was
considered an eDirectory issue or a ZEN issue or a ConsoleOne issue.

Before you crucify me for my stupidity, let me just say I do not claim
to be an eDirectory admin and I didn't know this would blow things up.
Our admins have already chastised me :)

Running NetWare 6.5 (not sure of the atch level - SP3?), ZENWorks 6.5,
running ConsoleOne 1.3.6d

Our tree is laid out like this:


I have about 150 ZEN Apps in the SOftware.Apps.ZEN.<root> OU

I was in the process of updating some apps in that OU (which can go
another 5 or more OU levels deep).

After a while, I decided to rename the "Software" OU to "UDSoftware"
(makes things more clear and fits certain naming conventions). While
editing an app located a few levels deeper in that OU, I ran into a ds

"(Error -613) An attribute value being added to an object might be
incorrect or the value is pointing to an object that does not exist in
the tree. Some items may have not been added to the list."

Now, for every single app from that Software OU on down, the
associations to users in the Users.<root> OU are missing. The
association to a single group still exists.

Our admin recommended that we let eDirectory try to work it out, and we
let it go for a few hours. When it didn't seem to fix itself, he told
me to go ahead and rename the OU from"UDSoftware" back to the original
name, and let eDirectory work through it.

I came in this morning with no luck. On top of that, our OnDemand
gadget doesn't work for me now because it is lookng for apps in
"UDSOftware" but the OU has been re-renamed to SOftware.

What is the best way to fix this?