Hi all,

This is my first post at this forums and i am really happy for that ..

Actually, I am establishing a pilot for ZENworks desktop Management v6.5 on
Windows 2003 server but I have a problem with accessing NAL Applications
from clients, I provide various Nal Application objects such as personality
migration collect DNA files objects, apply DNA objects, distribute MSI, AOT
and Web applications to clients. I have two cases:

First: I implment these applications without implementing Dynamic Local
User Policy (Which provides roaming profiles and enable users to login to
their workstations without mapping to local accounts), I map each user will
login to the workstation to administrator account and administrator account
must have the same password of the administrator account on the ZENworks
server, anyway this case works and all applications execute successfully
after user login. (I Believe this is dummy case cannot be implemented in
real environment)

Second case: I implement the same application objects with Dynamic Local
User Policy, The client login successfully without mapping to local
administrator acount but the application objects doesn't execute. the
application objects gives error that it couldn't execute due to INVALID

I think the problem that when the clients login with Dynamic Local User
Policy, they cannot access the application share on the server and ask them
for user name and password for accessing the share which application
objects cannot provide. I think there's something wrong with the
authentication, logically i suppose when user login through eDirectory, he
should has access to all services provided by eDirectory without
reautenticating locally or on eDirectory again.

I tried one solution in Dynamic Local User Policy by assign file rights to
applications files and of course check trustees of the users on these
applications. but nothing change, the only one to access the application is
mapping user to local administrator account which has the same password of
server administrator account .. :(

Any suggesstations are welcome, thanks in advance