NW6SP4 w/ ZfD6.5
I've created an MST file to distribute the Visio MSI package using
ZfD6.5. (No middle tier server) It's WS associated using a WS group, the
MST is included in the app., and the users are Power Users. All users
and workstations have RF to the install files on the network. I've given
the app to 6 people thus far and four of them have no problems. The app
installs and runs properly. The remaining two however are acting strangely.
The installation goes fine but at the end, when the ZEN distribution box
closes, another dialog comes up saying "Preparing to install". This
dialog looks to be from the MSI install itself, not from ZfD. after
about 20 seconds, it closes and Visio runs. When the user closes the app
.., the next time they run it that same "Preparing to install" box comes
up again, closes after about 20 seconds and Visio launches. I'm guessing
it setting up the current user because for some reason it thinks they
never ran the install. But obviously they have. Anyone have any ideas?
Like I said, I have four others that this works flawlessly for.