We have about 10 core apps all set to force run and wait on force run. It
works fine, no problems. However when a second user logs into the
workstation, all the force runs run a second time, again not usually a
problem. We are getting ready to rollout a whole new desktop with new and
upgraded apps. We are also moving from Novell Client to no client.

Office 2003 is the first app to install followed by our DMS iManage. My
problem is when the 2nd user logs in as Office is coming down, it trips
something in iManage and it starts running its setup msi. Then I start
getting "Another MSI processes is running" errors. So I tried to set Office
to not install if it already is on machine by setting the availability if
file not exist to winword.exe. However Office runs again anyways. We run
all apps attached to users not workstations. We have a combo of msi, and
aot apps. Any advice will be appreciated.