I try to install an office2003 as MSI NAL application. The App fails if
WS associated running Windows XP (SP2) with MSI error 1612.

User associated the App runs fine.
Also, the App is running fine WS associated on Win2000.
Furthermore, the App is running fine on XP if the option "Distribute in
workstation security space if WS associated" is deactivated. But that
way the Office works only for that user (no admin rights) who installed
the Office because the install don't have write permissions to the "all
users" profile.
Running the MSI from command line using msiexec and the same source path
works fine, too.

So I'm a little confused. Can anybody give me a hint?

I tried to get some diagnostic informations with logging. But there will
be no log file written at all. I tried to activate the MSI log option in
naldiag.exe as well as setting hklm\software\netware\nal\1.0\debug\msi=1.
Even msi logging according the MS-KB article Q223300 doesn't work with
Nal. It only produces a logfile if I use msiexec. No logfile starting
the Nal-App.

Thanks for any help,