I have created a terminal server application object in Zen6.5 which
I think is a fantastic feature. The terminal server has a novell client
installed as well as the Workstation agent. I am running a novell site
(no eDirectory no domain or active directory) and the Windows2003 server
is simply for terminal server sessions running as a workgroup with a
novell client installed. In the application object I have left the
"Domain Name" blank.
When the Terminal server application runs from the Nal Launcher on a
XPsp2 workstation it opens the terminal server screen and asks to
authenticate to the windows server.
As an administrator with a local password I can simply add my local
windows password and get through and the app opens BUT for a standard
user with DLU and volatile user set in a user policy this will not work.
The question is how can I avoid this authentication prompt. Is it
possible for the user to seamlessly open the object without getting a