Hi all,

went into the same problem again, seems to happen all the time:

Novell Client is 4.91 (w or w/o PK A, no difference)
ZDM6.5SP1 Agent

My application is quite simple, purpose is making a local C1

Application files: %SOURCEPATH% -> %TARGETPATH%,

SOURCEPATH is a copy of the original C1 placed into an extra folder
TARGETPATH %*ProgramFiles%\Novell\ConsoleOne\1.36c

- include subdirectories
- copy if newer

What happens: Copy starts but will crash any machine during the
process, it's not always the same file or something like this...
I guess there's some memory leak, if you do a manual copy it just works
fine (not even a complete copy, some missed files will be copied by
application then...). My last try ended up at ~70MB files out of 260.

Any ideas?

Thx in advance