Just installed the version of the agent to check a couple of
issues. I now find that 80% of my applications are now showing, and when I
bring up the F2 screen, they are showing as Filtered(hidden) with no
explination as to why. If I enable the 'always show icon' option, then check
the requirements tab, it shows why.

The application has an OS requirement, which is set to WindowsXP, equals,
and 5.1.2600 as the version number. However, the requirements tab shows
5.1.2600.0 as the version number, which seems very strange.

If I set the application object to be WindowsXP, >=, and 5.1.2600 it all
works fine. I don't want to have to go thru all the applications setting it
to a >= state, because it's basically wrong.... we haven't tested this
application on any version of WindowsXP other than 5.1.2600

Is anyone else seeing this bug?