I've tried this on the below products

Acrobat Reader 7.00 - MST created with Adobe tuner
Microsoft Office 2003 - MST created with Install shield
Funkproxy host - MST created with Install shield

I'll use Adobe as an example

The MST turns off Yahoo and Update functions

If I use the command line from a machine it works 100%

---> msiexec /i "\\server\volume\Reader 7_0_0\Adobe Reader 7.0.msi"
TRANSFORMS="\\server\volume\Adobe Reader\Reader 7_0_0\Adobe Reader
7_0.mst" /qn

If I create a NAL-MSI app all looks great I run it , it runs and installs
the default settings, none of the changes in the MSI get put onto the

The desktop and server ZEN versions are -----