Hello all,

We've been having this strange problem for a while: after about 2 minutes
since the logon, the NAL becomes empty when the user refreshes (or wants to
click an application). More accurately, it turns itself in the "Work
Offline" state. I've noticed, that at the exact moment it happens, there is
a process being spawned called WMRUNDLL.EXE (under the WM process).
And indeed, when I rename that WMRUNDLL file into something else, the
problem is gone.

We're puzzled by this, and are now troubleshooting our policies and
launcher configurations, but the problem persists even when we disassociate

Can anyone shed some light on this problem, or the WMRUNDLL process? Why
does it happen at exactly the same time after login, what could be
scheduled to have this effect? And why does it affect the NAL in this
particular way? This problem is nowhere to be found in the knowledgebase,
and Google just lists all previous program crashes caused by WMRUNDLL.

Thanks in advance for any information on this.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Drongelen
system administrator Da Vinci College, the Netherlands