Having a strange issue. We are in pilot for Windows xpsp2. The new
applications were created over several months. In order to distinguish
between sp1 machines and sp 2 machines I check for a registry key. This was
working just fine up until two days ago. I logged into a test machine and
none of the applications came down. I did however get Configure Worstation
Status errors D01F. I rebooted, and problem went away, apps came down fine.
Yesterday I logged in and got both new and old apps! I reimaged the pc,
logged in as the same user and again all was fine. Last night we rebuilt 11
of our users, 10 had no problem, the 11th got D01F errors, rebooted him and
correct apps came down no errors, rebooted again and 1 of the apps which
should not run again if installed tried to install with D01F errors.

We are on Zenworks 6.5 using the middle tier server. Apps are on a dfs
share windows 2000 server. Machines having the issue, did have the reg key I
check for. Any ideas would be welcome.