I've got an application object that does a copy from
%SOURCE_PATH%\*.html to %DATA_PATH%\*.html

The problem is that when no html file exist on the %SOURCE_PATH%
the zenagent gives an error (id=53272) BUT with the
zenagent this error doesn't occur.

I found that the error means :

0xD018 (53272)
Explain: Could not configure workstation for application [application
name] (id=number).

Problem: Unable to copy file [filename]. (D018)

Possible Cause: Source file does not exist.

No rights to copy file.

No rights to source files.

Action: Determine if the user has rights to read the file and to
create the file on the workstation. Also determine if there is enough
free disk space on the local hard drive.

Application Launcher/Explorer must have the proper name of the
destination file to process the file copy. When a wildcard is used,
Application Launcher/Explorer assumes that the destination file wants
to be called *.* which is an invalid filename.

The best way to do a mass file copy of this type is by using
snAppShot. This method accounts for all new files copied from the
server to the workstation and is significantly faster than adding each
filename manually into the application object.

Is this a bug in the zenagent ?

Any feedback would be apreciated.