We have a simple object that just copies a pdf file from the network to
the workstation's c: drive. This worked more than a month again when we
created and distributed this object to 3 workstations and it seems to be
have been working fine.

We went to test the object again before we went production (this is also
since we upgraded the zen servers to 6.5 SP1b) the object now fails no
matter what with a D108 errors. All the TIDs have nothing to do with this
error. We have tried the full UNC name including file rights R/F under
common. Still receive errors. Created a new object to push another file
and same thing. Logs are capturing nothing, just receiving a unable to
copy file [\\servername\........test.txt] (D108). Even tried adding to a
user and still receive the same error.

Also updated the client agent to make sure it was at 6.5 sp1b and still
receive the same error.

Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.