Netware 6.5 ZfD 6.5 SP1
Windows 2003 Terminal Server with ZfD6.5 client and Novell Client 4.90 SP2

Our tree is setup as follows (hopefully the formatting is retained):

-Main Location
User Package
-OU 1
User 1
User 2
-OU 2
User 1
User 2
-Remote Location 1
User 1
User 2
User Package
-Remote Location 2
User 1
User 2
User Package

We're essentially setup like this tid in "steps to reproduce" I
have verified that the nwgina.dll that's installed is newer than

Basically, I removed the Administrators group from the DLU in the User
Packages for each location. I then created "Remote Desktop Users" group
and configured that group to allow logon locally and on the network.
I also used group policies in the user packages to allow logons locally,
from the network, and through terminal services. I then associated the
user packages to Main Location, Remote Location 1, and Remote Location
2. The users in the remote locations can login without any issues. The
users in the Main Location won't login unless I associate the user
policy with each OU under Main Location (I.E. OU 1, OU 2, etc..). I
have verified that the search policies within OU 1 and OU 2 are set
correctly to the Main Location...furthermore other polices dont' have
any problems with the search level.

How do I get it to work where I just associate the user package to the
Main Location instead of each OU under it? Like I said, I'm sure my
search policies in the OU's have been configured properly as other
zenworks apps are associated and working correctly when I assign them to
the Main Location.