Hi all,

I know I have seen this posted before and the person fixed the issue by
Setting "Normal User", Setting a drive letter and a working directory...
however these fixes did not fix our problem.

The program we a launching is called Wings, (not sure if anyone has
really heard of it!).

The NAL app is only a link, no files are distributed to the computer,
the application only launches an executable file. The file starts
normally but as soon as the main window of the program is meant to
appear, the program bombs out, no error message, just returns you back
to windows. If you run the exact same command from the "Start -> Run"
window then the program works without a problem, though NAL the bombing
out still happens.

We are still using Windows 2000 computers, with Novell Client 4.91 and
Zen en 3.2 computers out there, and the same application works fine on
these computers.

I hope this is enough information, if you need more, then please give me
a shout.


Colin Barker

Does anyone know if there are any known 16 bit application problems?