Specifics Netware 6.5 sp2 (Middle Tier Server)
Zenworks 6.5 sp1b
Zenagent is
McAfee 8.0.0 patch version 10
WS are Windows xp sp2 without the Novell Client
WS are built using zenworks imaging. We are in pilot for sp2, all
workstations have the same build.

Periodically, not always we experience the following issues:
NAL icons are the default red diamond
NAL objects that should not be visable for sp2 are visable with generic
icons while correct apps have the correct icons. Right clicking on the
properties of the "wrong" icons do not show the restrictions tab.
Above can only be corrected by deleting the NAL cache items as well as the
icon files in the temp folder and rebooting. NAL refresh, or reboot alone
does not solve the problem.
Periodically we will get a d018 error on install or a 1612 error if msi.
Icon will be present in the NAL window, but not in the NAL cache. Refreshing
the NAL once or twice resolves the issue.

This happens sporadically and not on all ws. It is driving me a little
crazy because you never know when it will happen and I cannot always
recreate it, however it does come and go in waves so one day I will see it
several times, and then not again for a couple of days.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.