Hello all,

I am wondering if the following scenario would/should work. I have not
been able to come up with anything on the KB.

Site A: Three NetWare 6.5 Servers with GroupWise and ZfD 4.0.1, 35
Users, Windows 2000 & XP workstations

Site B: One Windows 2000 Server configured as a stand-alone server (No
AD)(This server must be a Windows Server in order to support a CAD
application) 15 users, Windows 2000 & XP Workstations. Linked via
partial T1. Log into tree in Site A.

All workstations are using the Novell client v4.83 or greater and the
ZfDAgent from ir5.

We want to be able to push applications to the users in Site B using the
disk space on the Windows server to hold the source files for the Zen
app. In this way we can deploy applications without having the
workstations pull the source files across the WAN link.

I have attempted this for deploying MS OfficeXP and I am not having much

App Object Configuration:
Word, Excel, PowerPoint icons are published to users. The icons have
the MSI installation listed as a dependant app. All paths are UNC.

The installation starts and continues to what I am assuming completion.
I then get an error stating that a dependant application failed to

Published just the MSI installation app and ran again. This time the
installation also appears to run to completion but NAL throws an error
id=5 Access is Denied.

In both cases the application appears to have installed correctly. I
can launch the apps via the msi installed icons and things work fine.

It seems to me that there must be a dependency on NCP or something like
that. Since the server in Site B is a Windows box it does not have an
NCP object in eDirectory. Does this seem logical? Is my problem with
something else? I suppose I could install eDirectory on the Windows
server if I had to but I hoped I wouldn't need to.

Any input would be appreciated.