Setting up Zen 6.5 on NW6.5 box, both have latest patches. Zenworks and all
of the components are installed. I am trying to avoid going to each ws to
edit the host file, we do not run our own dns. So there was a solution in
the book that I thought I had followed to the T, but it doesn't work. Any
help is appreciated.

Created a Simple Application, named it, added Windows 98>= for operating
system, associated it with a group that I belong to, marked Force Run and
unmarked App Launcher box and marked Force Cache Box, display details after
creation. Went to Distributions Options>Registry and added the keys and
strings necessary. On Run Options I selected Run application once. Rebooted
and it won't put the setting in.

I have the Application Explorer installed (version that came with 6.5) and
it starts -- at least the icon is on my desktop for it. Novell Client
version is 4.91 if that matters.

Hopefully there is easy that I am overlooking -- new at this but excited
about learning to use Zen.