hi there,

with ZEN6.5SP1 I see two issues with app requirements/distribution

1. client requirement/dist rules always evaluates to FALSE on the
workstation and apps using this dist rule/requirement never become
available. This is 100% reproducible in our environment (NW65SP2,
ZEN65SP1, WinXPSP2, C32 4.91+latest public patches): wks/users logged
in thru client32 won't see apps using the client requirement/dist rule
no matter if it's set to "connected thru c32" or "NOT connected thru

2. when editing legacy system requirements in C1 (SP1 snapins) and
trying to add a "reg key NOT available" requirement, it gets saved as
"reg key available". distribution rules work fine, but I need to set
legacy system requirements, too.

are these a known issues? any patch or workaround available, especially
regarding #1?

Thanks Lothar