Hello All,

I am really stuck and do not know what to do or where to turn.

I am trying to install Office 2003 with an MSI, Transforms, and SP1 patch. When I run it on a completely new machine, it works fine. Everything installs just fine.

When I try to upgrade a machine that is already out in the field I get "MSI returned an error code: 1603" Which appears to be fairly generic for, It didn't work". These machines have office 2000 on them already.

I tried to turn on logging via the REG hack and by turning it on in the nalutil. I can not find the file it is suppose to create. I try the %temp% and nothing is there. Sure there are some files but not the ZAP??? file that is suppose to log this stuff. It is almost as though it never really got to the MSI install.

I can install it just fine by running setup.exe and putting in all the information into the configuration.

I am running client 4.91 with a bunch of patches (not the beta sp1 even though I did try it on one machine). I am running ZEN 6.5 sp1a with the NAL agent of All this is on Windows XP SP2 with all the patches.

I have found about every TID I can find concerning ZEN MSI and Office 2003. I have even been to Deja and the kb and can not find anything.

HELP please?