i currently have a user package at the root of each nds parttion , these
are traditionaly
geographical sites. the current policy settings are for Nt and Xp pc's. i
assume i'm correct in saying that a user can have only one user package
applied to him/her. i'm going to introduce a 2003 terminal server policy
out as well. the problem this gives me is i would need to put this in each
of the user packages - can i copy this portion - ie the 2003 policy to
each of the user packages or do we really have to use one user package for
all - create an nds partition for the policies and replicate to each
server or area.

leading on from this route - the group policy currently uses a unc to a
specific server - can i specify z:\policy or something like that and then
use TED or something to replicate this directory to each sys:public on
each server - so then the client can read their policy from a local server