We have been working on setting up objects, mostly ones to deploy to
workstations. So far we have about 10 objects. Out of this, 4 have been
deployed to test users (some are associated to workstation and 1 is
associated to users). All of a sudden we go to deploy to another
workstation or user with the working object (same container) and receive
the error:

Unable to get attributes for application object [object name](id=53372)

So out of the 10 apps, this has happened to 4. We end up creating a new
object building it from the old object and it works just fine. No tweaks,
just associating a person or workstation.

Needless to say we are very concerned that this is occurring. We have run
DSTrace on the server where the application object is housed and the log
looks fine. There is no log created on the workstation because it is not
installing. We have also had problems with applications just uninstalling
all by themselves. Originally "days to uninstall" was set to 0 because
for licensing purposes when we unassociate a workstation, we want it to
uninstall immediately. So we changed to 7 days'. This does not seem to
be making a difference. Some people have the object for not even a day
and it uninstalls, and other have for a few weeks' or months and one day
it uninstalls on them. It appears to have no rhyme or reason. Although I
have now deployed a few things to workstation and turned on logging under
the agent to try to capture some of this.

I have read other scenarios under NDSEngineers forums that state the same
thing and a few posts under Novell that folks have been having the same
problem. As a quick fix they are recreating the object. This is
impossible in our environment and would create a mess.

Our enviroment
corporate is clustered and zenworks 6.5 sp1b
external is not clustered and zenworks 6.5 sp1b

Anything we can run to capture what is occurring or any ideas would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks.