Suddenly our workstations don’t accept any settings, distributed by NAL.
We only get error message like “could not configure workstation for
application…..” ID=5 and also “Unable to process registry settings…..”
D016. This appears on all our settings or application distributing, ect.

Have checked the Run Option, “Run as secured user”, but this can’t be the
case, curse this infect all objects. All the workstations are registered,
last time today, tried with a new ghosted WS and same scenario. Those NAL:s
worked fine some months until some days ago and I’ve searched a lot to find
a solution, but I get stucked now.

We are using Zen 6.5, SP1, NWClient 4.90Sp2, WS are XP, Sp1
We are using a GPO, associated to WS obj, running at system startup. No
change has been done here.

Any ideas?