Hi All,

I'm moving towards a lights out distribution but the first stage is just getting everything running ok. We aree running Zen6.51b on NW653 to XP Pro SP 2 desktop running both the Novell client 4.91 and ZFD Agent 6.51.

So the first stage is I have a bunch of base apps (office, groupwise etc) that install. These are all setup and working fine. Then I have one app object that is force run that has application dependencies on the apps I want to force out, kind of a build template. This is associated to users in a OU. This also works fine and all apps deploy.

However everytime a user logins in (even the same user logging in repeatedly) the apps will distribute. This is a pain of course. What am I doing incorrectly that causes the apps (all of them) to install everytime the user logs in even through they install fine previously.