I have created a NAL object by using the Office XP MSI file. I have also
created a MST file to go with it.

I have 2 questions......

1, When I associated it with a user it installed fine except when I
clicked on Word it asked me for the Product Key. I have read that you
can include a property called 'PIDKEY=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' in a Setup.ini

Whereabouts / can you do you do this in the Transform file???

I have tried to add a line in the 'Add installations and run programs'
(15 of 22) which said to run on every installation and it was to run on
Setup.exe and added the line PIDKEY=xxxxxxxxxxxx
and after all that it still asked me for the product key when run for
the first time.

2, I cannot get Office to download and cache on the machine if I
associate it to a work station. I force the cache and also force
run..........but to no avail

If I log on as a standard user but associate the object to the the
workstation, when I open the NAL window nothing happens, I double click
on the icon and still nothing happens, no messages or anything